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White Lilies

If Light is in your heart, You will find your way Home

- Rumi

Our Philosophy

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This up- today- down tomorrow, sad now -euphoric next moment, is what we take in our stride and believe that that’s how Life is for all. The key thing we miss here is the fact that Joy is not without…it is within!


Only we are so caught up in the “Known”, taking the tried and tested as the normal way of going about our lives, seeing others before us having done the same as the right path to follow. Missing the most important part…of being born Special, Unique and Powerful! That is how we were created by the Divine or Creator and that is how are meant to be.

We as individuals are more than just our physical bodies. We are the body, mind, spirit and soul. We are in the physical body, in the mental and emotional body and in the energetic body. When we have this feeling of something is not quite right…something missing…something that is just a little out of reach to be completely content and fulfilled…

“I achieved all this yet I am not really happy…why?”


These states are nothing but the fact that our energy in all of our bodies is not in alignment and hence, we keep looking to fulfil this void with external stimuli. Be it social media, addictions, workaholism, multiple partners etc. And the Joy of Living becomes even more elusive.


It is only when our energy in all of our bodies is in alignment that we can experience Joy. Joy is deep within us, it only needs us to be aware of its existence, to be discovered, awakened and experienced in the physical reality we call life.

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