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Poppy Flower

We need Joy as we need air

We need Love as we need water

We need each other as we need the Earth we share

- Maya Angelou

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Our Guiding Principles

Ātman Mission respects, embraces and celebrates each Life as Special, irrespective of the Colour, Gender, Nationality, Ethnic Origin and any other diversities. The core of Atman Mission is Inclusiveness! 

Ātman Mission believes in and celebrates All cultures of the world. Its programmes are an amalgamation of the best Philosophies and Spiritual and Lifestyle practices of the World designed into a Simple- to -Understand and Easy -to -Follow Philosophy for everyday Life!


Welcome to the Journey of Learning and Understanding, to the Discovery of Self, of Us and The One! 


All are welcome here. We embrace prayer, meditation, divine inspiration, intuition, and the great mysteries of life!

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