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Ātman Mission

The realization of the real Self, the innermost essence!  

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Ātman in the ancient Vedic language Sanskrit is a multidimensional concept. It can be described as “innermost essence, soul, real self of the individual ". It is eternal, imperishable, beyond time, not the same as body or mind or emotions, but much profound and beyond. It is pure, undifferentiated, self-shining consciousness.

Ātman is metaphysical and  spiritual. It observes all phenomena yet is not touched by them.

 Ātman is the true self, the essence of an individual.

The Logo

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The Sun represents the Discovery, Enlightenment, Clarity and Awareness of the Self. It is only when one truly understands oneself and one’s core, that one can identify the reason of why one was born, our Souls life purpose and what truly gives us Joy and Fulfilment.


The Butterflies represent the Transformation one goes through on discovering the core, the true essence of oneself. With this knowledge comes the Joy and Freedom of Knowing, of Liberating oneself from all that keeps us bound, blocked and stagnant. One is limited only by one’s thoughts and beliefs! The chains are all in the minds. The wings have always been there to be spread and take the flight towards Light and Hope! A beautiful, peaceful, happy, joyous, fulfilling Life!


The Infinity sign represents the Limitless possibilities that one can embrace as Life! We were created to experience Love, Joy, Peace, Good health and Light!

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Our Vision

Ātman Mission aims to create awareness and empower all beings to make conscious and mindful Lifestyle changes to bring about Wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Ātman Mission aims to provide Wellness Guidance and Support towards uplifting Humanity and Nature through providing Service, Healing, Support and above all, Hope, Love and Light!

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Our Mission

Ātman Mission aims to inspire your exploration of the experience of Self and Oneness, the cultivation of a mind capable of concentration and a heart free of prejudices.


The gifts of this mystical journey happen to include a radiant, healthy body, an alert and keen mind, a heart full of love and acceptance of all and hands ready to serve without judgement and experience a blissful and joyful existence. The true celebration of Life!

Home: Our Philosophy

Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to Peace, Tranquility and Joy

-B K S Iyengar

Our Services and

Upcoming Programs

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Ātman Mission offers a wide variety of natural healing therapies. A path to rejuvenate, recharge and heal. It enables you to discover deep contentment, inner peace and joy. An exclusive holistic healing which practises multiple treatments that integrates vibrant, powerful, time-tested natural therapies.

White Lilies

If Light is in your heart, You will find your way Home

- Rumi

White Lilies

We need Joy as we need air

We need Love as we need water

We need each other as we need the Earth we share

- Maya Angelou



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Ms. Hema Kulkarni

The Known Professional:

A Masters in Sociology and a Counselor by profession with over 29 years of service
in the Social Sector under her belt. Has worked for disadvantaged and differently
abled children and youth in a variety of roles as a Social Worker, Trainer, Project
Manager to a Project Director. A Consultant and a Motivational Speaker.

The Unknown Persona:

A Non- Conformist.
A Lightworker.

An Empath.
A Starseed.

A Psychic.

A Healer
An Intuitive Tarot Card Reader.

A Reiki Healer.
A Spiritual Seeker.
A Mystic.

Home: Our Guiding Principles

Hema Kulkarni

Hema Kulkarni
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